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20 Facts About The Shih Tzu
1.   Shih Tzu - A Companion Dog
Shih Tzu were bred for centuries to be a companion dog. They can't hunt, can't guard, can't protect farm animals, can't flush out vermin. They can just be your friend!
2.   An Ancient Breed
According to DNA research, they are one of the world’s 14 most ancient breeds according to making them very close to the wolf.
3.   Shih Tzu: The Lion Dog
They were called a lion dog, but they aren’t the only breed with that nickname: Lhasa Apso, Pugs, and Japanese Chin were also bred to look like little lions.
4.   Chrysanthemum Dog
Another nickname for the Shih Tzu is the Chrysanthemum faced dog.  They were called that because when their hair around their face and head grow out as a puppy, it grows in all directions resembling the flower.
5.   Pronounced "Sheed zoo"
There is some confusion about how to pronounce the name Shih Tzu.  Pronounced "Sheed zoo" it means lion in Chinese.
6.   Protector of Palaces &    Temples
From ancient times, the main job of the breed was to guard palaces and monasteries in ancient china and of course, keep everyone happy.  They served as foot warms, hand warmers, lap warmers and bed companions.
7.   Modern Shih Tzu Descendants
Of all the Shih Tzu facts, this one is least known:  The breed was almost completely destroyed by the Communist Party after 1949. All surviving Shih Tzu today descended from 14 dogs, one of which was a Pekingese.
8.   Double Coated Breed
The Shih Tzu has a thick double coat that consists of a harder outer coat and soft inner coat.  Puppies are born with a single coat and their adult coat begins to grow after about 7 months.
9.   Shih Tzu Grooming
Shih Tzu dogs need much brushing and grooming to keep their coats looking good. Daily brushing is ideal, but coats that go more than a few days without grooming begin to mat.
10.   Hypoallergenic Breed
They do not shed, so may be appropriate for someone with allergies, but beware of claims of hypoallergenic breeds. There is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog breed.
11.   Shih Tzu Temperament
Shih Tzu dogs love to play, cuddle, snuggle or just be by your side.  These are not the type of dog to leave outside or away from human companionship.  They need your love daily to survive.
12.   Travel Partner
They are alert, friendly, playful, inquisitive and devoted to their owners.  They make great little traveling companions.
13.   Smart but Stubborn
The Shih Tzu breed is a very smart breed, but can be stubborn, so gentle training methods work best. Socialization and training should begin the minute you bring your puppy home.
14.   Shih Tzu Breed Standard
15.   A Coat of Many Colours
They come in a wide assortment of colors, solids, two colors and three colors.  The American Kennel Club says all colors are acceptable.
16.   Cool Climate Dogs
Shih Tzu do best in cooler climates; They do not do well in hot climates are prone to heat stroke.
17.   Brachycephalic Breed
They are considered a Brachycephalic breed: This means they are prone to breathing problems. Some Shih Tzu dogs snore.
18.   Long Life
Their Life span is between 10 to 18 years and many do well into their senior years.
19.   Litter Size: 2 to 9 Puppies
They usually have litters that consist of between 2 and 6 puppies. Average litter size is 4 puppies.
20.   Therapy Dogs
Shih Tzu make wonderful therapy dogs. They are gentle, friendly and take to strangers with ease.
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