About Us

Welcome to our Shih Tzu page. We are based in Bloemfontein,

South Africa and all our puppies come from beautiful well bred, healthy Shih Tzu's. We take pride in our Shih Tzu’s. 

We are devoted to produce high quality puppies. We breed for health and temperament.

We specialise in puppy development and socialization.

We hope you find our site not only informative but also enjoyable. We have been breeding Shih Tzu’s for close to 20 wonderful years now and have been our passion.

The beautiful grace and dignity make the Shih Tzu one of the most popular breeds in South Africa and around the world.

ALL our Shih Tzu live in-door ( NO KENNELS HERE) with us and are not kenneled.

They are well socialized, they are our kids. 

You are welcome to call for an appointment to come and visit.    

Need shipping, it is available as most major cities have airport accessible via Bloemfontein.

We have many references available on your request. We feed only top of the line dog food. 

We don’t sell puppies with contracts or breeding restrictions....

A Shih Tzu will fill your home with love and friendship and steal your heart!  After you had your first Shih Tzu puppy you can’t imagine coming home to an empty house.

They are always waiting to greet you with those lovely big eyes. When you decide you are ready for a beautiful little

Drefco Shih Tzu puppy… Call us or send us a mail for more information.

We will be happy to answer your questions.